February Happy Collection

Recommended time: building 1.5–2.5 hours + glazing 1-1.5 hours
Sessions required: 2 or more

Find happiness in this amazingly unique happy house stoneware clay planter workshop! You will learn how to handbuild your very own stoneware clay vase and return in a second session to underglaze and glaze to make it colourful and shiny! We will fire it in the kiln once more, and then it is yours to take home!

Recommended time: building 2–2.5 hours +underglazing & sgraffito 1-1.5 hours
Sessions required: 2 or more

In this clay workshop, you'll learn all the techniques to handbuild your very own Happy Mug using stoneware clay and decorate using the unique sgraffito method. You can then book a second session to jazz up your mug with super happy and colourful glazes using underglaze! We will fire it in the kiln once more, and voila! It's yours to take home.